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Bakery Bakers Okern, Norway: automated line for loaves production

Line for wheat and mixed wheat bread with capacity 3200 pieces/h or each deck with 1600 pieces/h.

The line comprises two-deck tunnel fermentation chamber (3x21m) and two-deck electric tunnel oven (3x16m). The products on the upper deck are cut by two robot hands with an ultrasonic blade. The robot cut assembly is composed of two robot hands equipped with an ultrasonic blade enabling many different cuts shapes, also unusual ones. Dough on the ultrasonic blade does not leave tracks also after several hours of continuous production. The robot hands are equipped with the robot vision directing the cut depth according to the product's size and shape. The line is highly automated and particular since the buyer can ferment and bake different products on both decks of the chamber and oven at the same time. Thus it eliminates the »bulk time«, i.e. waiting of distributors on the product as at the classical line, since in such case, several products are produced and baked at the same time.